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Magic on Mobius: Prologue

Location: Unknown

A large man was leaning back in a chair, twiddling his great mustache as he looked at a massive array of monitors. The monitors were arranged in a half-circle facing the man, providing the only light in the dark room he sat in. From the light the screens provided, one could see that the man wore a red jacket and black slacks over his egg-shaped body. His eyes flickered from screen to screen behind his darkened glasses as he muttered to himself. Every screen displayed a different image of a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, one showing it in battle with an egg-shaped robot, another showing an x-ray of it, all of them providing valuable scientific information regarding the hedgehog. And every bit of it was practically useless to the man viewing it. “Curses!” he shouted as he slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair. The sound reverberated around the dark room. “Even with all of this carefully collected data, I am unable to defeat that blasted hedgehog. I, the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik, was able to conquer the world, yet I can’t even get rid of that annoying blue pest! There has to be something in this world that can stop him. There has to!”

He paused for a moment from his angry tirade, thinking about what he had just said. “Maybe not. Not in this world, at least,” he speculated aloud, beginning to grin as he snapped his fingers. A control panel sprung out of the floor in front of him. His hands flew across it, punching buttons and flipping switches. The screens all darkened, then, combining to display a blueprint that Robotnik had never used before. He had glimpsed at it once, long ago, as he was going through some of his grandfather’s work. “This is perfect! The hedgehog will never see this coming! With this, I can bring forth a creature the likes of which he’s never seen to do my bidding! Mark my words, Sonic the Hedgehog, this is the beginning of your end!” Robotnik guffawed somewhat insanely, his voice greatly amplified as it reverberated around the room. Then, he set off to complete his treacherous task.

Location: Ponyville Library, Equestria

“Spike! Can you get me that one book I told you about earlier?” A small purple dragon nodded as he ran up a flight of stairs to retrieve the book. Waiting for his return, a lavender unicorn with navy blue hair that had pink and purple streaks running through it trotted up to another book shelf to remove another book for the research project she had planned. As she removed the book from the bookshelf, a sudden chill in the air made her pause. She felt as if she were being watched. Levitating it off the shelf, she looked around, seeing nopony, yet remaining with the impression that somepony- or something- was looking at her. She gave herself a slight shake and trotted over to her desk, setting the book face up on it. The book she had grabbed looked like new, but she knew it only looking so preserved because nopony had deigned to touch it before now. Sighing at the absence of scientific curiosity in Ponyville, she flipped open the cover of the book. To her great surprise, inside the pages was not a list of magical ailments and their cures. The middle section of the pages had been carved out, and a book had been placed in their hollow.

This book, unlike the one it was in, looked incredibly ancient. It was a small, browned, leather bound volume, its pages tied surprisingly strongly together with a cord made of… something thin and midnight blue. Her original task all but forgotten, the unicorn pulled the book from its resting place, surprised to find that the book on magical maladies returned to normal upon doing so. Curiouser and curiouser. The unicorn gently opened the cover of the volume and gasped at what she saw. Inside, in a seldom used language, there was an inscription reading, “This journal contains the most important, and final, works of Starswirl the Bearded,”

“But, those were supposed to have been found centuries ago,” she mumbled to herself, disbelieving her luck. More text appeared below the inscription as she processed this, so she quickly read on.

“To whomsoever may have found this journal,
Congratulations! Only a magic user whose raw magic potential is at least my level or higher could be able to find and read this journal. In it, I have written down some of my most important spells I have created and perfected. Should you so choose, I give you who found my book permission to read and use whatever you find in this journal to your heart’s desire. Be warned, though. Should any of these magic spells be used to commit deeds of ill-intent, the book shall close itself up again, sealing it, and its spells, for another century. And don’t try to copy down the spells or memorize them by heart. Once the book is sealed, its current owner will forget about the existence of the book, along with all of its spells. For you who is pure of heart, you need not concern yourself over these matters. Simply enjoy the magic!
Yours truly,
Starswirl the Bearded”.

For several moments, the unicorn could do nothing more than stare at this inscription with open-mouthed shock. She shook her head back and forth slightly to bring her back to her senses. Determinedly, she began to flip through the book, gazing in awe at the immense variety of complex spells she saw. After flipping through the whole book, pausing at each spell only long enough to see what it did, she returned to the first page, feeling giddy at what she had discovered.

The first spell was the simplest in the book, as to be expected from the sorting of Starswirl the Bearded. However, it was still a fairly tricky spell to cast. She read and reread the passage on the spell several times before feeling she had understood it enough to attempt it. This spell, to her pleasure, would help unlock her latent magic for a minute, granting easy access to it for some of the more difficult spells later on in the book. Unlocking her hidden potential also meant that she would recover faster short term. After an hour or so, though, she would begin to feel the drawbacks of it, or so the passage said, so she should use the spell sparingly. The unicorn closed her eyes, concentrating the power flowing into her horn. She willed it to disperse across her body, flow into her, and become her. As she did so, her magic instantly became much, much more powerful. The unicorn felt like she could move a mountain! And, best of all, she was in complete control of her power. She opened her mouth to call out to her assistant, but suddenly, she lost her footing and fell to her knees. She looked down to see a small vortex was opening beneath her. Panicking, she attempted to get out of its way, but it was too late. She fell into the vortex, screaming, her voice unheard as the vortex consumed her, the sound, and her book. After swallowing the unicorn, the vortex folded in on itself, diminishing itself to nothingness. Silence spread across the library.

“I got the book, Twilight! Sorry it took so long, it was really high up…” Spike began as he trotted downstairs, slowing to a halt as he realized the lavender unicorn was missing. That’s odd, Spike thought worriedly. Twilight never leaves in the middle of a research project. Where could she have gone…

My first fanfic! What could the device be that Eggman built? And what happened to Twilight? Not much excitement yet, but check out the first chapter for some action!

First: You're here!
Next: [link]

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to (C) Sega, the Sonic Team, and Archie
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to (C) Hasbro
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